Wynstone Neighborhood Highlights

housing options

When searching for homes in this area use these search terms:

  • Wynstone Community
  • Zip Code: 57038

(Don't forget: You are now entering South Dakota) 

NeighborHOod feel

Wynstone is a private, gated community that expands over 600 acres of South Dakota countryside. Just two miles west of the curve of McCook Lake, Wynstone lays its claim to "Great Nature. Great Family. Great Living."

type of homes

Development at Wynstone started in 1997, making many of the master-planned homes well under 20 years old. The appeal of Wynstone is the size of the lots, the appreciation for the rural environment, and the access-without the bustle--to the nearby metropolitan areas. Given the private nature of the development, the focus turns upon itself, naturally fostering ties and relationships with neighbors and the environment.

Lots will range in size from one to ten acres, and homes typically provide ample space, with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms.

The community also features:

  • Children's parks
  • Regulation basketball courts
  • Lighted shelter with picnic areas and small man-made lakes
  • Access to the Adams Nature Preserve trails, an amazing system of paths with many breathtaking river views.


within a 5 minute Drive

Separated from the rest of the world, Wynstone isn't far from the things its residents need.

  • Adams Nature Preserve
  • McCook Lake
  • Hotels in North Sioux City 
  • Small retail and quick bites in North Sioux City.


within a 10-15 minute drive

Wynstone was originally developed in response to the Dakota Dunes development, which thrived in the heyday of Gateway Computers. This anecdote is only important now because it demonstrates how easy it was for Gateway employees who lived in Wynstone to get to and from work each day, despite feeling so deep into Dakota country.



Since Wynstone is a planned community, it will come with HOA covenants and best practices to maintain the standard of quality.