Westside Sioux City Neighborhood Highlights

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Neighborhood feel

It's easy to know when you've entered Sioux City's West Side neighborhoods; most of the numbered streets feature the direction right on their signs. West Side's true story comes in its evolution; this up-and-coming neighborhood is a cohesive mix of early-to-mid 20th century homes, with access to freshly built schools, panoramic views of the city, and close proximity to the offerings of the Tri-State area.


type of homes

From traditional colonial to salt box to Craftsman and mid-century ramblers, West Side features as many styles as it does price points. Lot sizes are small and manageable, with some homes shaded by mature maples and oaks.

As you travel to north West Side, the area becomes decidedly more rural as residential neighborhoods give way to the Sioux City State Prairie Preserve. Deer and wild turkey mingle with commuters who enjoy the close proximity of nature and the shops and restaurants of Hamilton Blvd.


within a 5 minute Drive

The West Side is mostly residential, with most of the commerce, views, and recreation occurring on its outer fringes. That being said, this tight-knit community is small enough to make every side approachable.


within a 10-15 MINUTE drive

The West Side is extremely convenient to I-29, making it a great jumping on and off point for those commuters wishing to travel around, through, and beyond the Sioux City metro area. It also makes for easy movement throughout the city and its retail and restaurant districts.



Prospect Hill, located on the lower west side of Sioux City is arguably the city's oldest neighborhood.