Northside Sioux City Neighborhood Highlights

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The Sioux City North Side features many turn-of-the-20th-century homes in the Tudor and Craftsman styles. It also is one of the best neighborhoods in Sioux City for starter homes as it's many mid-century 2-bedroom/1-bath homes are not only affordable, but also centered on lots that are as pretty as they are low maintenance. This charming neighborhood is unique in its architectural diversity, making it a great place to feel like you belong without being part of a cookie cutter development.

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While you won't find a ton of new construction in Northside, you will find historical houses with many modern updates--or at least the chance to let your imagination run wild with affordable prices and all the potential that comes with them. No where else will you find such idyllic tree-lined streets and friendly faces. Grab your bike or your walking shoes and get to know your neighbors in this part of town.

The edge of Woodbury county borders the northern fringe of Northside, providing several quieter acreages for those preferring a more rural flair to their home life. Driving along C-80 will give you a glimpse of these farmer's mansions and sprawling ranch-style homes that are still only moments from the city scene.


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Running north-south, Hamilton Boulevard is the major corridor that stretches through Sioux City, providing residents on both sides with several retail options. Whether you like the predictability of a nationwide chain or you prefer to frequent local names, you will find what you're looking for on this road. 


within a 10-15 minute drive

Downtown Sioux City is only 15 minutes from your home in Northside, so you can enjoy fine dining, entertainment, shopping, and people-watching almost as soon as you need it. 

If you are living, working, or visiting Northside, you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't soak in the charm and cuisine of the water front district, namely Bev's on the River and Kahills



You can hardly drive anywhere in Northside without someone referencing the pink Peirce mansion (no, that's not a typo, that's exactly how John Peirce would have wanted it). A home in this neighborhood also places you close to Saturday in the Park Music Festival that attracts big bands and people from all over the country.