Morningside Neighborhood Highlights

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A street car neighborhood in the late 19th century, Morningside is a bustling mix of hills, historic homes, and local commerce. Peters Park, the center of this local commerce for more than 100 years, features several family-owned and unique small businesses, all within walking distance of many Morningside neighborhoods. It's unique and colorful history places it on the National Registry of Historic Places.


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Whether you are looking for turn-of-the-century, mid-century, or this-century homes, Morningside features some of the most eclectic neighborhoods in all of Sioux City. Mature trees shade the sidewalks that connect almost all of the neighborhoods together, making it easy to turn neighbors into friends and friends into family.  

within a 5 minute Drive

Proximity is the beauty of Morningside as residents are equally close to parks and recreation as they are to their favorite retailers, grocery stores, libraries and learning centers. In Morningside, you can take "running errands" quite literally as most of your trips can be done on foot, when the weather, and your shopping list, cooperate.


within a 10-15 Minute drive

There aren't many places you can live in this country where you can be a 15 minute drive from the airport and not be able to hear it. With the Sioux Gateway Airport being so close, you are essentially 15 minutes from anywhere in the world. And, since Morningside is located on the south side, you are also only a few moments away from downtown and South Sioux City, great venues for date nights and family dinners.



Morningside College, home of the Mustangs, is nestled into the heart of the Morningside neighborhoods. Its history reaches deep into the 19th century and its 68-acre campus, with its historic mansions and buildings, is the crown jewel of Sioux City. The Morningside neighborhood feeds into the East School System.