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Neighborhood feel

Drive through LeMars once and you'll know: this town loves its ice cream. Home of Wells Blue Bunny, the largest single-location producer of ice cream novelties on the planet, LeMars proudly boasts it is the "Ice Cream Capital of the World." Yet there's more to this Plymouth county seat than vanilla and chocolate creaminess; great schools, beautiful parks, an active downtown, and major retailers make LeMars a great choice for families and anyone wanting a short commute to Sioux City.



Like any small town with a booming economy, LeMars has a wide mix of home styles, sizes, and price ranges. From Victorian turrets to traditional ranches to breath-taking new construction, there is a home for anyone wanting to settle in, grow roots, and eat a double scoop with all the fixings.

LeMars is nearly 9 square miles of walkable neighborhoods, parks, downtown shopping and restaurants, and connected community living. Getting around this grid-based town is fairly easy, with smooth access to Highway 3 and Highway 75.



From nearly anywhere in LeMars, you have access to one of three grocery stores, several gas stations, as well as bars and restaurants.



When you are bisected by so many major roads, the Iowa landscape is that much closer to you. Several surrounding towns are within 10-15 minutes of LeMars. 

Sioux City is a straight shot down Highway 75 south, an easy 30-minute commute.



If you're in the neighborhood, you owe it to yourself--and your taste buds--to check out the Wells Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor, where generous portions and turn-of-the-century decor wrap you in sweet nostalgia. LeMars celebrates its annual Ice Cream Days in late June with a parade, craft fair, and other events. As the county seat, it also hosts the Plymouth County Fair at the end of each summer.